Red  White      White    and      


3.            The Scoring of all the matches will be in the “101” format: -

Shot wood           = 4 points.

Second wood      = 3 points

Third wood        = 2 points

Forth wood        =1point.


4.            Each Red , White and Blue team will consist of 4 sub team's called A, B, C, and D.

5.            RED A             RED B            RED C             RED D                

Will play: -

BLUE A           BLUE A          BLUE A           BLUE A

BLUE B           BLUE B          BLUE B           BLUE B

BLUE C           BLUE C          BLUE C           BLUE C

BLUE D          BLUE D          BLUE D           BLUE D

WHITE A        WHITE A       WHITE A        WHITE A

WHITE B        WHITE B       WHITE B        WHITE B

WHITE C        WHITE C       WHITE C        WHITE C

WHITE D        WHITE D       WHITE D        WHITE D

The same format is for all colors to follow.

6.            We aim to ensure each team play’s on a different rink in each game they play. We only have 6 Rinks to play on with eight games to play at the same time…so,

This will be achieved by moving the rink markers to a different Rink color during the half time tea interval.

7.            Each Number 3 in the A, B, C, D team’s will keep the score card up to date and agree with their opposite number 3 and the end of each match the correct scores. Just like you do in a normal east Herts League fixture.

8.            The score cards will be handed in at the end of the first half of play to the Team captains who will pass onto Les Keen / Organiser, during the Tea and Biscuits interval. Once they have collected all 4 score cards.

9.            The Les Keen / Organiser will issue New cards to the three Team Captains to hand out, during the Lunch time break.

The Team Captains can move their players around how they seem fit after each match is completed. Please try to make it all get the same rink time.

10.       We hope we will get a few Non Red White and Blue club members down to play to ensure we have enough players to play a minimum of 12 players per match. The Non team members will be called substitutes and will wear any color they wish, but not Red

White or Blue (If possible).

11.       All the substitutes will be allocated a team to play for at the start, they will be used as and when the Captain of the Colored team Chooses.

12.       The Les Keen / Organiser will try to get a leader board in place so as you start your second half of fixtures you will know how good or bad you are performing. ( Les cannot  promise this will be, without help of other committee members who are playing).

13.       The overall winning team will be announced at the end of playing . We hope to get a cup to play for each year,  for which will be shown in the clubhouse with the team colors attached, of who wins this day each year, I think you call it “Bragging Rites”.

14.       It would be nice if greys were worn so we look smart, but dress code for the day is casual, but NO jeans please.  We hope to take a lot of pictures for the web site and members pages of action shots etc.

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4th April 2019

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